Prague II – Sun Neptune: The ongoing search for self and perfection

Please find here for Part 1: PRAGUE – NATIONAL IDENTITY AND WHERE PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE COLLIDE Springing to remembrance, I recalled a particular astrological configuration in the natal chart of Prague: the Sun Neptune square. With Sun situated in Taurus at 13°11′ casting a near perfect 90 degree (a square) aspect to Neptune in Aquarius at 12°58′. […]

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Astrology Demystified 2 — The Freedom of Choice

For part 1 of the Astrology Demystified Series, please visit my previous post Astrology Demystified 1 — Not A Daily Horoscope. On a note to demystify astrology further, its primary purpose is NOT about making predictions. We hold the keys to creating our destiny. What astrology is able to illuminate and consequently bring into focus, is […]

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Astrology Demystified 1 — Not a Daily Horoscope

New to the idea of Astro Travel? No worries. To get a head-start, you can refer to earlier posts Astro Travel for Dummies and What Has Astrology Got To Do With It. I am also brand new to Astrology. Again, not a concern. Even though possessing basic to intermediate knowledge of astrology is an advantage, the […]

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What has astrology got to do with it

Prague was decidedly going to be my first stop. Without an end date, without an itinerary, and without a plan. I only had a vague idea that I needed to begin my trip there. Everyone asked me, why Prague? I asked myself the same question. Neither had I acquired any knowledge of this city, nor […]

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