Why do we lock hearts

Please find here for Part I of this series, LITTLE HEART LOCKS? NOT SO LITTLE. The history of heart padlocks according to Wiki, which happened to be my source of truth in this instance, dates back at least 100 years to a Serbian tale during WWI. A schoolmistress was engaged to marry a Serbian solider, […]

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Little heart locks? Not so little

Nearly two years after my Paris trip, I suddenly had the urge to revisit my journey by reviewing some of the old photographs. Randomly browsing through the pack, an image caught my undivided attention. It was a close-up shot of the numerous love padlocks neatly attached to the side metal railing of Pont des Arts. […]

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Astro Travel for Dummies

New to the idea of Astro Travel? No worries. To get a head-start, you can refer to earlier posts What Has Astrology Got To Do With It, Astrology Demystified 1 – Not a Daily Horoscope and Astrology Demystified 2 – The Freedom of Choice. After a period of inner deliberation and some subsequent hesitating back and forth, I […]

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What has astrology got to do with it

Prague was decidedly going to be my first stop. Without an end date, without an itinerary, and without a plan. I only had a vague idea that I needed to begin my trip there. Everyone asked me, why Prague? I asked myself the same question. Neither had I acquired any knowledge of this city, nor […]

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