Your Astro Travel Profile: Sagittarius, 9th House and the Long Journey (Part I)

Sagittarius is a zodiac sign reputably known for its untempered buoyancy, undefeated optimism and upbeat outlook. Those that are born under this sign are gregarious, sociable and likeable. They have an insatiable appetite for seeking threads of meaning, and a propensity to find connections and put things in a universal context. Thus unsurprisingly, culture, philosophy, […]

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Do you travel with an open heart

We often go through days speaking from the mind, saying what used to be true but no longer can be felt; sharing what is easy in hope of not upsetting the status quo; revealing only a bit of ourselves and stuffing the rest into the closet. Earlier last month, I was reminded of the importance […]

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Where is your Shangri-La

Approximately a month ago, I befriended someone on Facebook that has Shangri-La displayed as their current city of residence. And I was immediately intrigued. My earliest resonance with the name Shangri-La was largely attributed to childhood memories of exorbitant buffet feasts and extravagant resort stays. My grandparents loved the international buffet selection at the Shangri-La Hotel […]

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Prague IV – Simple pleasures in life

Please find here for previous post, Part 3 PRAGUE – REDISCOVERY OF CREATIVITY One of my favourite pastimes in Prague was starting out the day in the Old Town Square. Without a plan or any clues, and just letting intuition guide me in whichever direction it deemed fit. Time after time, in the absence of conscious […]

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How to travel like a free spirit

How do you travel like a free spirit? If you are looking for a step by step instructions, then you will be disappointed. To put it quite simply, there is no science to it. There are no formulae. There is minimum to no planning involved. There is a key ingredient however. And that is trust. […]

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Prague III – Rediscovery of creativity

Please find here for previous post, Part 2 PRAGUE – SUN NEPTUNE: THE ONGOING SEARCH FOR SELF AND PERFECTION When the Sun and Neptune come together in combination, the native is gifted with considerable artistic sensitivity. The person has the potential to access the higher realm of creativity with relative ease. If this is manifested positively, […]

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Prague I – National identity and where past, present and future collide

Peering out from the taxi’s window through drowsy eyes, I yawned, observed and counted – trees, old flat buildings, closed shops, and more trees. I couldn’t prevent the tinge of disappointment slowly creeping up from within. After travelling for 2 days from the other side of the world (including a one night stop-over in Dubai), […]

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