With Saturn transiting over my ascendant back and forth this year, one of the major lessons that I have been learning about is boundaries. When we talk about boundaries, it has a lot to do with being discerning. It is about knowing that our resources, such as time is finite. So it becomes important to know what is good for me, and what is not. Knowing where to put my focus and energy on, and where not. Knowing what to say yes to, but even more importantly, what to say no to and how. Having healthy boundaries prevents us from being swept away by the current and being swayed by the actions and opinions of others. But ultimately, the gift of having healthy boundaries arises from a place of self-love and self-worth.

So now, here comes Saturn. The planet that helps us define and structure. Ever heard of Saturn returns? Or the seven year itch? These are reflective of the lessons of Saturn. It speaks of cycles. It speaks of time. It speaks of justice. Saturn teaches in the form of lessons, often disguised as obstacles, setbacks and delays. It is through limiting our options, narrowing our focus, we realise what is being brought to our attention and what is actually important for us.Where Saturn is in the birth chart, there is bound to be some learning and maturing required to master that area of life. Saturn is about cultivating patience, but also taking the necessary steps. And it is only with time and experience, we accumulate the required knowledge, wisdom and authority, so that we have something valuable to offer to others.

Where you have Saturn located in your chart, there is a seriousness to it. As mentioned, the goal is trying to master that area of life. And when Saturn transits a house or aspects points and plants in your chart, you really FEEL it. You feel the cloud looming over you, like something is trying to rain on your parade. I remember once a well-known astrologer has said that with Saturn transits, you cannot sit through it, feel through it, or think through it. Praying and hoping won’t make it go away. You really must act on it. If you think about it, Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, which is an Earth sign. So Saturn is very much connected with the manifestation of physical reality. What Saturn transits reveal are thoughts, patterns and behaviours that no longer serve us. Things can simply no longer continue on as they have if we are to grow. And it is only through learning how to act maturely, more responsibly, we are able to change our material and physical reality. The gift of Saturn is about accepting our human (and sometimes time) limits so that we can bring things down to Earth.

The gift of Saturn isn’t always obvious or transparent. Especially if you have a lot of Fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius), you would rather roam free in the realm of ideas and inspiration, and may constantly feel frustrated with having to bring down your visions to anything less than. Or if you have a lot of Air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius), you may prefer to exchange and postulate in the mental realm, but struggle with translating those theories and concepts into the physical reality. Particularly with Saturn in Aquarius squaring Uranus in Taurus in the collective this year, there has been a huge emphasis on taking the time, step by step to ground innovation and ideals in the physical form, so what we end up with truly liberates us, and they actually work. It is through initiation and failure, trail and error, with perseverance and dedication, we are able to realise our innate gifts one step at a time. This is the gift of Saturn. It may not sound very sexy, but it helps us arrive at tangible outcomes.

Besides Fire and Air signs, If you have a lot of Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn), you will have a natural affinity and appreciation for Saturn. But people with a lot of Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) emphasised in their charts also need Saturn to create a healthy container for their feelings. Sometimes Saturn can feel too restrictive to the flowing nature of water, but both water and earth are Yin in energy, so there is mutual respect for one another. For those of us who are quite sensitive and attuned to the emotional and energetic realms, for example, you will have any one of ascendant/IC/ the sun/ moon aspecting Neptune, or aspecting Pluto, key planets such as the sun, moon or ascendant ruler, or a stellium of planets in water signs, or to a lesser degree, have those planets occupying water houses (4th house, 8th house, 12th house). It is easy for you to pick up on the energies of others or the energies in the collective, and take them on as your own. So it is even more critical to build a strong Saturn, by setting very strong energetic boundaries and having practises which support those boundaries.

There is still so much to be said. Recognising the gifts of Saturn requires a rewiring of focus – from how long it’s taking to how far we’ve come. If we can learn to appreciate the challenges, as well as the rewards that Saturn brings, we can build a solid foundation not only for ourselves, but also within ourselves, that stands the test of time.

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