My Favourite Destinations for Solo Travel – PARIS

I have always enjoyed travelling solo. There are many perks that come with it. The most important for me, is the sense of freedom that it accompanies: when you wake up to your own schedule unapologetically; visiting places that intrigue you freely without compromises; striking up conversations with strangers minus any previous hesitation. It is no […]

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How I found home on my travels

There is nowhere quite like home, or is there? After returning from six months of travel in Europe, friends and family were surprised to be told that I hadn’t missed home all that much while gone. Admittedly, the constant moving and changing from one place to the next had pretty much kept me exhausted with having no time left […]

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It is now or never

Have you ever found yourself uncontrollably attracted to a certain culture, a certain tradition, or a certain cuisine beyond logical deductions? Have you ever felt the urge to visit an unknown or unfamiliar destination on the whim of an impulse without prior preparation? Have you ever gravitated towards specific places and felt that to be […]

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