Why do we lock hearts

Please find here for Part I of this series, LITTLE HEART LOCKS? NOT SO LITTLE. The history of heart padlocks according to Wiki, which happened to be my source of truth in this instance, dates back at least 100 years to a Serbian tale during WWI. A schoolmistress was engaged to marry a Serbian solider, […]

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Inspiration of the Week: I SALUTE

Slightly feeling out of touch with my priorities in the past few weeks, I was disconnected. This morning I woke up revitalised, energised and finally once again, purposeful.  Maybe I am tapped into the energy of the upcoming weekend frenzy, whatever it is – I welcomed this change. When we are so often focused on our goals, tasks and […]

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Your Astro Travel Profile: Sagittarius, 9th House and the Long Journey (Part I)

Sagittarius is a zodiac sign reputably known for its untempered buoyancy, undefeated optimism and upbeat outlook. Those that are born under this sign are gregarious, sociable and likeable. They have an insatiable appetite for seeking threads of meaning, and a propensity to find connections and put things in a universal context. Thus unsurprisingly, culture, philosophy, […]

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Prague V – The power of music

Please find here for previous post, Part 4 PRAGUE – SIMPLE PLEASURES IN LIFE Five minutes prior to the commencement of the concert at Rudolfinum, three-quarters of the room was still unoccupied. I was prepared to be disturbed by a flood of people breaking through as the door was shut, but I ended up disappointed. The lady […]

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