Who Is Behind Astro Traveller

Welcome to Astro Traveller, my name is Jacinta. And here is a little bit about me:

I’m an amateur astrologer and travel addict. I enjoy writing about travel, life, philosophy, astrology, all threaded with an emphasis on self discovery and empowerment. Through writing, I can access a deeper part of myself and uncover another piece of the missing puzzle that makes me wonder Who I Am, and What Makes Me Unique. I like to share and reach out to others who are on their own unique paths of self discovery, and through pens,  words and paper (nowadays the internet!) as my chosen vehicles – I wish to bring some comfort, inspiration and perhaps even a smile to your face.

If you wish to find out more about the beginning of my journey, feel free to check out my initial post IT IS NOW OR NEVER

And now, last but not least, connecting with like-minded people and just having a good chat fuel me with a lot of joy.  If you think alike, I’d love to hear from you!

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