Uranus in Taurus and Our Relationship with Planet Earth

If you follow astrology, then you will know this post is clearly belated. Uranus first transited into Taurus in March 2019, and by now, we have all had a bit of a taste of what it means for us individually, and collectively. But if you haven’t been aware of it, there’s still good news. The planet will continue its transit through Taurus till 2026, and there is plenty of time to work with the energy and to figure things out.

Uranus is the planet of lightening, a light-bringer. It is urgent. It is resolved. It is unexpected. It ushers in fast-paced developments and unforeseen progress. Along with the two other outer planets Neptune and Pluto, as Howard Sasportas calls them, they are the gods of change. If you experience sudden changes and disruptions, look to Uranus. Inventions, technology, intuitive insight, social change and astrology all fall under the domain of Uranus. When Uranus hits you, you are forever changed, and sometimes the transformation is instantaneous. Uranus will come screaming and kicking down your door on a stormy night. It will displace, if not destroy all your furnitures after pulling out the rug from under your feet. If you try to cling onto any possession, don’t. Sounds scary? It is. And the best piece of advice to fight Uranus is to give it what it wants.

Whilst Uranus is ruthless, its highest principal is to reveal a new path (or several!) which will ultimately serve you. And if not that, you would have learnt at least to detach, to let go, to adapt and to open your eyes to new possibilities of creating a new life. It helps you to grow, even it is painful to do so. But it doesn’t have to be painful, or intolerable. If you have been feeling restrained, confined, stifled or have held yourself back unnecessarily too long, Uranus will gift you exactly what you need to break through. It will free you to be bold, independent, fearless and to go for gold.

So now Uranus has been getting comfortable in Taurus for the past year, what have you noticed?

Let’s now talk about Taurus. Taurus is the zodiac sign of tranquility and beauty. It is slow and steady. It is ruled by Venus and it is peace loving. It is in love with love. It adores art, aesthetic pleasures and comfort. It understands what gives life and what sustains it. It has a deep relationship with nature, our planet Earth. It sings in the rain. It is barefoot on the green grass. And it definitely is a tree hugger.

Singapore-Gardens by the Bay

With Uranus moving into Taurus, on the surface, they represent opposite ends of the spectrum, how can they work together? But if you look deeper, you will find that opposites do attract then it all begins to make sense.

With Uranus bringing its gifts of new ideas, new insights and new technologies, Taurus provides the most fertile ground to plant them and nurture them into blossom. What I mean is, the glimpses of seeds of new possibilities to our social, ecological and environmental issues will mature into workable, practical solutions. They will begin to anchor our future, and our future generations in a new way. With Uranus staying in Taurus, it will be particularly attracted to finding ways to restore nature and replenish the planet. We will become more intuitively aware and in tune with the cycles and inner workings of nature. We will realise that whilst many technological and social advances the humanity has made fought against nature to reign supreme, this doesn’t have to be so. We can now choose to combine our knowledge and experience with a new insight – nature gives us life and we can give back. We can use what we have at our disposal to the betterment of both.


On a more personal level, what does Uranus transit in Taurus mean for you?

For the specifics, you will need to look at the house Uranus rules in your natal chart, by finding out the house cusp that is sitting on Aquarius. You will also look at the house Uranus occupies in your natal chart and what house it is transiting in Taurus right now, and what aspects it makes in relationship to the rest of your chart.

For me, Uranus is my ascendant ruler (which represents my self-image) and when it first moved into Taurus in 2019, I felt so compelled to be ‘clean’, I overhauled my existing beauty regime and replaced Chanel, SK-II, Dior with vegan, organic and more social conscious brands. I no longer go to beauty salons because I am particular with what is being used. All of our household cleaners and sprays have been replaced by plant based products. At the moment, I am obsessed with the idea of creating my own beauty and cleaning products from essential oils and crystals. I am also more aware of what I purchase and consume, if they feel good, and if they are natural. I am incorporating more fruit and veg, less processed food into my diet. I bought a whole heap of plants. We are consciously working on reducing plastics and our carbon footprints. My relationship with nature and animals is more intimate. A cat has moved in.

But of course, things don’t top here. Uranus always works at a deep level, and with Taurus ruling values and self-worth, it is really about discovering your deeper and true values (and finding new ones!) and living your life in accordance to them. It must be noted that Taurus also rules money and wealth, which no surprisingly is a reflection of of our values and self-worth. With the current climate, many are forced to work from home and think on their feet to generate new ways for income. This ties in with Uranus transiting in Taurus, causing disruptions and inspiring new solutions, I can’t think of anything else more appropriate and literal.

Enough said. So, what does it all mean for you?

Maybe it is helping you to find ways to get in touch with your body, be it swimming in the sea, climbing in the mountains, fulfilling your more physical needs. Maybe it is urging you to find solutions to create a better lifestyle with improved work-life balance. Maybe it is encouraging you to find a new passion, a new artistic project, a purposeful side-hustle. Maybe it is reminding you to stop and smell the flowers. Maybe it is teaching you to be grateful. Maybe it is you learning to be. And let it be.

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