Your Astro Travel Profile: Sagittarius, 9th House and the Long Journey (Part I)

Sagittarius is a zodiac sign reputably known for its untempered buoyancy, undefeated optimism and upbeat outlook. Those that are born under this sign are gregarious, sociable and likeable. They have an insatiable appetite for seeking threads of meaning, and a propensity to find connections and put things in a universal context. Thus unsurprisingly, culture, philosophy, metaphysics and travel arouse their interests and impassion their thirst for knowledge. They are excited by topics that either stimulate their endless imagination or broaden their mental horizon.

Freedom of movement and thought is essential to them, and they are constantly on a quest for the next big adventure, be it a physical pursuit or not. Always inclined to look on the bright side of life – quotes such as “When one door closes, another opens”, “Every cloud has a silver lining” and “The glass is always half full, never half empty” can rest assured to have been invented by Sagittarius.

Liz Greene, a world renowned astrologer and the co-director of the Centre for Psychological Astrology, recapitulated poetically on this sign’s’ intrinsic desire to look for meaning in her book, Barriers and Boundaries.

It is almost as though the heavens are strewn with magic glyphs, and life is like a treasure hunt. One tries to work out what a particular experience means, and what it is supposed to be teaching, and how one can grow from it. Once that experience has wrung dry, then one finds the next clue in the next experience. Hopefully, one day it will all be revealed, which, of course, it never is. The design just gets larger and larger.”

The belief that everything happens for a reason is doubly true for Sagittarius. A life without meanings, a future without possibilities and a journey without learnings without a doubt spell anathema and annihilation to a Sagittarius. Searching for meaning behind our banal existence, intuiting life’s grander designs, envisioning infinite future possibilities are the core nature, and these are essential in maintaining faith in face of setbacks.


When we experience life’s harsher obstacles, we are subsequently challenged to examine and eradicate outdated belief systems to assume and rebirth a new set of believes that are truly workable, all in order to manifest the essence of who we are, what we desire and what we wish to achieve. And astrologically, this is the domain of the 9th house, and it is where the sign of Sagittarius governs. Whether you are a Sagittarius or not, we all have a total of twelve unique houses that constitute our individual astrology natal chart. Each house embodies symbolically as a specific and distinctive arena. Since Sagittarius gains the rulership of the 9th house, this denotes that the 9th house is a sphere of experience relating to law, metaphysics, philosophy, religion, belief systems, culture, higher education, and other 9th house matters. To put it simply, it is a household of anything that broadens our perceptions and expands our higher mind. Additionally, this house is traditionally associated with travel, in particular long journeys.

What is so fascinating and attractive about taking a long trip to the far and unknown? What is so compelling and life-changing about wandering and discovering the foreign land?

For me, travel is not simply for indulging the five senses, but rather a way of life, a self discovery process and a self enriching journey. I always find a piece of myself everywhere I go, a treasured missing piece of the puzzle that makes up the totality of who I am. Ultimately, through travel, I learn about not only the world around me, but myself.

Why do you travel?

What experiences fulfil you the most on travel?

Understanding your 9th house can assist you with answering these questions. You can further cultivate your travel experiences by studying your unique astrology chart and uncovering the mystery of this house.

To be continued.

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