Do you travel with an open heart

We often go through days speaking from the mind, saying what used to be true but no longer can be felt; sharing what is easy in hope of not upsetting the status quo; revealing only a bit of ourselves and stuffing the rest into the closet. Earlier last month, I was reminded of the importance of engaging in heartfelt communication, and how wonderful it is.

Heartfelt communication is all about speaking from the heart to unravel the depth of our true selves. Tuning into that inner voice and allowing it the space to grow louder, until its resonance is so powerful that an echo can be heard clearly and distinctly. It is a continual practise that is anchored equally in listening and speaking. It is an ongoing act that is primarily focused on discernment of the head vs the heart. It is a daily exercise of elimination of any excess baggage. It revolves around a busy check-in counter – the constant checking in with your own heart.

Do you pay attention to what you convey day by day, minute by minute, and second by second? Do your expression, mannerism and figure-of-speech reflect who you really are? Or are they simply auto pilot responses that are no longer applicable?

Awhile ago, I caught myself reciting occurrences that once had an obvious influence but now failed to hold any emotional relevance. It was only after the familiar words slipped out of my mouth as they usually had done, I felt a nagging sensation of emptiness and a tinge of unexplained discontentment. It mimicked a slight vagueness of disappointment. The disappointment of not having spoken the whole truth to disclose how I actually felt in that moment, but instead had given out a previously programmed response.

On travels, there are typically abundant opportunities to communicate with people you have just met on the road. And every occasion is a chance to redefine and refine our own proclamation of ourselves. How much do we say is still relevant and current? How much do we reserve and refrain in fear of being judged?

follow your heart

Should we share our hearts with all those we cross paths with or only with those that have proven to be trustworthy through the test of time?

As we change, adapt and evolve, there is no hiding from the confronting process of learning to pill off our protective layers, abandoning our shields, and all things that have been accrued and treasured since young. This in essence is synonymous to leaving the house with no clothes on and feeling vulnerable, naked and exposed. Incredulously and incredibly, once you have embarked on a journey of opening the heart wider, the sense of liberation, sincerity and authenticity are enough to fuel and propel you to keep going. Your own heart is the vehicle that contain, protect and safeguard you, despite challenging weather conditions, horrendous incoming traffic, or unanticipated road blocks and obstacles, it knows to forge a path of its own, and to march on bravely forward.

Coincidentally and synchronistically, as soon as you open your own heart, you gift the freedom to allow others to do the same. And a heartfelt connection that extends to and from both directions is established. You are seeing each other with fresh eyes, and seeing each other beyond the exterior to recognise and rejoice in the kindred spirit that dwells within. It is a moment that no words can suffice but is consecrated in the presence that each provides. It is beautiful, magical and time defying, for there is no beginning, no end and certainly no expiry. And the heart recollection lingers long after the actualised event.

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