Prague V – The power of music

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Five minutes prior to the commencement of the concert at Rudolfinum, three-quarters of the room was still unoccupied. I was prepared to be disturbed by a flood of people breaking through as the door was shut, but I ended up disappointed. The lady at the ticket booth had strongly urged me to purchase my ticket to secure a seat the day before, claiming that all had been sold out except for a limited few. The other spectators were evidently as perturbed and bewildered as I was. Immediately, my mind detected a sense of irritation resulting from this illusion projected by the organisers, until drifted back by the playing of music.

There were only five musicians on stage with no conductor. Within seconds, after all their string instruments had been tuned, the entire hall was filled to capacity. Even though there was still the same number of us assembled, the room was full. The air was embedded with these new exuberant layers of echoes; all particles visible and invisible, including the cells in our bodies were collectively marching at the same joyful tempo. The experience was not confined to the pleasure of the auditory, but indulged all five of our physical sensations.


For example, throughout the Summer sonnet of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, my sensory stimuli conjointly peaked for recognition, and individually competed for supremacy. The multitude of textures and richness of vibrations constellated the room. I closed my eyes and tilted my head backward. The summer sunshine warmed my face in embrace; the gentle breeze accentuated my taste buds; the building humidity and moisture condensed the smell of air pressure; the sudden lightning in the distance brightened the dark sky; accompanied by the deafening booming of thunder that quickened and roared profusely.

Then, a sixth sense was evoked. The intensifying fear of men and animals as the imminent storm approached. Ah, we are so helpless against the invincible forces of nature! By the end of this simple depiction of a typical summer day, I was reminded of the cyclical nature of all things. I was reminded of the ebb and flow of life. The only sense that had been missing from the experience was presumably common sense. How could all perceptions be awakened by the sound of music? My mind failed to make sense of it. Literally and figuratively, I was thunderstruck by the Power of Music.

old town square prague

Without any breaks, a brand new chapter was illustrated. Familiar melodies caressed me as I sat in wonder. Canon in D. A most beautiful and famous piece from the repertoire of music composed by Johann Pachelbel.

I have heard it many times before, but for some reason I felt I was truly hearing it for the first time. The acoustics of the violin was gentle, tender, compassionate, and magical. My whole being was graced with all that was love, and all love could ever be. Tears silently trickled down my cheeks and I didn’t bother to wipe. My heart was celebrating in delight, in joy, in surrender, and in peace.

And I fell in love. I fell in love with Canon; fell in love with Pachelbel; fell in love with the sound of violin; fell in love with music. Above all, I fell in love with myself.

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