Prague III – Rediscovery of creativity


When the Sun and Neptune come together in combination, the native is gifted with considerable artistic sensitivity. The person has the potential to access the higher realm of creativity with relative ease. If this is manifested positively, the newfound inspiration can be channeled through vehicles such as music, art, writing, photography, and other creative endeavours.

Upon retrospection, whilst in Prague, I had befriended an unusual number of people who pursued the arts with ardent valour. Either professionally or personally.

old town square prague

Adrian, a book lover with the most lavish collection of English books, owned a shop beautifully decorated in old-school glamour on the river bank of Charles Bridge. Ondra, a humorous young man who was fluent in four languages, worked in an office job by day and enjoyed his turntables at home by night. Martina, a spirited young lady with long braided hair who waitressed at an Indian restaurant. And having travelled to India frequently, she loved to have friends over for group yoga sessions. Marek, another young man with a laid-back approach and fun-loving attitude. To this day, I am still unsure the sort of work he did, except being informed that it was complicated. The thing I do know however, is his amazing music playlists and that he has joyfully engaged in taking drum lessons for three years.

I was intrigued by the choices people make in and outside of their normal work lives. And I became mesmerised by all the creative outlets available.

All of a sudden, my neglected artistic urge was unleashed and reflected in those around me. The long abandoned inner child was finally let out to play. This temptation was too great. I quickly immersed in a sphere of wonders that had previously seemed afar and unbeknown.

crowd, watching, performance, busking

Luckily, the selection of activities that would fuel my rediscovered passion was endless. Music had come alive. Jazz, pop, classical – played in band, solo or orchestra. Prague, after the gentle seeding season of Spring, was blossoming full in Summer. I fluttered about like a busy bee, sampling the variety of fragrances on offer, and decidedly settled on the one that was perfect for me. Classical music, like never before, had struck a chord deep in my heart.

In June and July, not only the weather was warmly pleasant, it was the classical music festival season. Vivaldi, Mozart, Bach, Dvorak – these names were no longer distant memories or vague impressions. They were seen, heard, and celebrated all over the city once again. The air vibrated with sparkles of rejoice, and the pigeons all chimed in Ode of Joy. This was too great an occasion to miss, too grand a fest to not participate in. I quickly and excitedly packed my calendar with different concert goings.

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