Astrology Demystified 2 — The Freedom of Choice

For part 1 of the Astrology Demystified Series, please visit my previous post Astrology Demystified 1 — Not A Daily Horoscope.

On a note to demystify astrology further, its primary purpose is NOT about making predictions. We hold the keys to creating our destiny. What astrology is able to illuminate and consequently bring into focus, is the understanding of that interplay and intertwinement of our own perceived past, present and future.

If an astrologer tells a person, “You have a Venus Saturn square aspect in your chart, then you are doomed in love.” That comment is not very helpful, is it?

If another astrologer is to say “You have a Venus Saturn square aspect in your chart, how this has manifested in your life would be related to your sense of self-worth. The likelihood of experiencing disappointments in love can be high as this is quite a challenging aspect in itself. With time and patience however, there is the opportunity to truly understand what you value and appreciate. And perhaps realize how your own feeling of undeserving, unworthiness and sensitivity to rejection and dejection have inhibited you from a balanced emotional giving and sharing. The expectation of failure becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy thereby which in turn creates the experiences you fear the most. On the other side, you take commitments and responsibilities seriously. You are loyal and you work hard in relationships. Other people may rely on you through the thick and thin.”

Which astrologer would you prefer? Would the later give additional insight and therefore something this person can actively work with? Much more likely. The ball is now kicked back to its own court, so to speak. With assistance and understanding, we can either decide to alter our existing patterns of being, or not. That becomes a choice. And the choices that we make determine how we can modify our perceptions of past occurrences, as well as how we are able to enhance our future experiences.


What astrology illustrates is a map of potentialities. Different choices create different potentials, and different potentials lead to different paths. The knowledge of it should not make us feel less empowered, or diminish our ability to make decisions. On the contrary, it brings more awareness to the responsibility of choosing.  In light of this, astrology is not to be seen with a sense of inevitability, as with everything else in life, it really does hold no guarantees. Rather, it is a tool that helps to explain, to elaborate, to highlight your experiences. It functions to assist.

Like what the Chinese proverb says, the only constant is change. Indeed, all things exist in relation to the constant and continuous ebb and flow of life. It is therefore a matter of choosing what you wish to experience. And it is wonderful that we are free to choose, and choose again.

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