Astrology Demystified 1 — Not a Daily Horoscope

New to the idea of Astro Travel? No worries. To get a head-start, you can refer to earlier posts Astro Travel for Dummies and What Has Astrology Got To Do With It.

I am also brand new to Astrology.

Again, not a concern. Even though possessing basic to intermediate knowledge of astrology is an advantage, the concept of Astro Travel in and of itself is surprisingly simple and straightforward.

Prior to proceeding, it is important to have certain misconceptions and misinterpretations about astrology debugged and demystified. First and foremost, astrology is NOT the equivalent of a daily horoscope, and in fact, the truth cannot be further from it. There is a relevance and a correlation, but it is much more than that. Metaphorically, think of it as a  planet (horoscope) is to the universe (astrology).


Horoscope has its merits as well as its limitations, but understand that it is only a small subset that is derived based upon the vast library of astrological principles available. Horoscope is analogous to Sun sign astrology, and it pertains solely  to the month and date of a birthday.  We often say, I am an Aries, or I am a Taurus, etc. In essence, that is your Sun sign, and you exhibit a set of fundamental qualities as described by your Sun sign. However, are you aware that there is actually more than one planet that makes up who you are? And what if I tell you that an astrology chart is a composite that comprises not one, not two, but ten integral planets? Instead, you can take on another set of qualities, and another set, depending on how those other planets are located in your unique astrology chart. So now we may say, I am an Aries, with Moon in Taurus, Mercury in Gemini, Venus in Pisces, etc. In simplicity, this in conjunction can be expressed as, but not limited to:

  • Sun in Aries: I am independent, pioneering, and a goal-getter. I thrive in change, and I am not afraid to standby things that are important to me even that may make me unpopular
  • Moon in Taurus: I feel nurtured by a stable and sensually pleasing environment. Physical accumulation of assets, constant and consistent displays of affections are crucial to my sense of security and emotional wellbeing
  • Mercury in Gemini: I have a curious mind and I seek intellectual variety. I enjoy communications in all forms with all different people. Some may say that I am easily scattered or distracted in thoughts, but in all honesty, why would you stick to one when you can have many?
  • Venus in Pisces: I value compassion, tenderness and understanding. These are qualities that I wish to receive as well as being capable of giving.  I may lack direction or discrimination in respect to relationships, but you can be assured that the unconditional acceptance of who you are is always a given

Can one person be endowed with all these complementary yet paradoxical attributes? The answer is yes. And it is no wonder that we have such a difficult time getting to the bottom of our own selves. We are much more dynamic, multifaceted and fascinating than we have been led to believe. Instead of restricting us to boxes and categories, we can be made more conscious of those inherent characteristics.

Please find here for Part 2. Astrology Demystified 2 — The Freedom of Choice

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