Astro Travel for Dummies

New to the idea of Astro Travel? No worries. To get a head-start, you can refer to earlier posts What Has Astrology Got To Do With It, Astrology Demystified 1 – Not a Daily Horoscope and Astrology Demystified 2 – The Freedom of Choice.

After a period of inner deliberation and some subsequent hesitating back and forth, I had finally managed to work up enough courage about this – introducing a unique travel approach that is entirely unknown and unheard of.

Yes, be prepared now and get ready for the drum rolls please. What will begin to unfold may be intriguing to some, puzzling to many, and perhaps disconcerting to the rest. Nonetheless, in the midst of potential mixed reactions, what will be presented is NEW and ORIGINAL.  I implore you to give yourself an opportunity to absorb and digest, and see how this sits with you. Maybe you will decide it is not your cup of tea, or maybe, you will derive some value and surprisingly a lot of fun from it as much as I do.

If you have been a loyal and diligent follower of my previous posts, (and thank you very much) then you would already know that I had left my corporate job in mid 2013 and resolved to embark on a journey across Europe indefinitely. I wish I could profess otherwise, but it was neither a decision made in haste nor with ease. In the back of my mind, or possibly more appropriately, in the depth of my heart, all the while there was this urgency of calling that simply could not be put away. It was as if I was this pressure cooker with an incredible energy amounting inside, seeking an active outlet to transform, to express and to be freed. Eagerly and half apprehensively, two weeks following my last day at work, I set out on an adventure not knowing anything about the whens, the hows and whats. No destinations in mind, only a starting point: Prague. So in an attempt to decipher all that I did not know with the limited information that I was ‘given’ – there arrived an epiphany moment.

puzzle, prague

With that, before venturing further, I would like to give you some random and basic astrology information to sink your teeth into.

Natal Astrology (based on an individual birth chart), Synastry (which is the result of chart comparisons, most commonly between two individuals) and Nation Astrology (calculated for the inception of a country) are all familiar concepts to seasoned astrologers. Furthermore, there is Locational Astrology or Astro Geography. It is enhanced by the study of Astrogeomancy, which is the understanding of features, natural conditions and morphogenetic fields in landscapes, in order to produce an Astro Geography map of the globe. Really, it is a map of the globe, just calculated astrologically. This particular map serves to reinforce and to illustrate the diverse energetic fields being projected and emanated from the various regions on Earth.  And in 1978, astrologer Jim Lewis pioneered a new type of astrology – Astrocartography, which is the application of natal astrology to Astro Geography map. In elaborating this, let me pose a few questions.

Have you marvelled at how some locations draw you in continuously whilst  others dispel you for no apparent reasons at all? Have you ever found yourself more energetic, outspoken and lively in certain places, but somewhat introverted, quiet and reserved instead in some others (and this is not really to do with the company you are with)? Have you occasionally experienced and hence wondered why opportunities suddenly become more fertile, after you have just relocated from a place where you life was pretty much stagnant?

This is where Astrocartography can give you some leads. Certain life experiences will be activated, accentuated, and be brought to the frontline per se in relations to the locations that you are in. This theory is conceivable. It is not our goal to find reasons to reproach a given location for uninvited experiences. Yet, when you feel connected to a place, in the same way that you feel connected to a person, there are magics abound.

All that are mentioned aggregated are relevant and have given inspiration to what is to come next. This is only a prelude but I will stop now before we spiral into information overload. And I promise to proceed with step by step, so those new to astrology will hopefully follow.

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